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Alphaniti Partners with Zerodha for seamless Digital Execution


India has already witnessed a digital-first trajectory with one of the highest volumes of digital transactions in the world when the pandemic struck, and further propelled the use of contactless digital technology.

Data from the apex Reserve Bank of India (RBI) show that India is now clocking around 100 million digital transactions a day with a volume of 5 trillion rupees ($67 billion), about a five-times jump from 2016. RBI expects this to further grow five-fold to 1.5 billion transactions a day worth 15 trillion rupees ($200 billion).

Digital investing brings investments closer to the people, making them simpler and easily understandable. That should come with greater consistency in quality, lower costs and transparency.  Therefore, it’s about fulfilment of investors’ need to be informed clearly and efficiently about:

    1. Cost of a financial solution (including inducements)
    2. Level of risk (information about the maximum potential loss, liquidity and diversification)
    3. Suitability for different types of investors

At the surface, most digital investment services today seem to be a legacy of the previous non-digital services. However, use of Technology, Artificial intelligence and machine learning is poised to transform the Wealth Management Landscape.

Source: Covid19 has accelerated India’s digital reset

Investors can create basket trades that fit their investment objectives. For example, an investor seeking steady return may create a basket trade that includes only high-yielding dividend stocks. Baskets might contain underlying stocks from a specific sector or combination of multiple sectors and have certain pre fixed rules to filter them according to various parameters. This in turn empowers an investor to choose wisely and makes it easy for him to personalize his trades. Basket trades also make it straightforward for investors to allocate their investments across multiple securities and optimize risk and return.

Technology has radically changed the way we buy and sell shares. Remember the days of outcry trading, zero transparency in transaction details, month-long waits for payments and deliveries and long waits for transfer of ownership of shares. The advent of computerized and demat trading changed all of that. With technology constantly raising the bar, we’re constantly finding ourselves with seamless and extensively smooth trades.

By Partnering with Zerodha a pioneer in discount broking model, will allow seamless execution of trades digitally.

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