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Over the past year, most global markets have continued to delight investors with their uni-directional and upward trend. The stellar budget has not only reassured the markets but has also nudged fence sitters to finally overcome their reluctance and enter the stock markets! The progression of India to a 5 trillion dollar economy would provide massive wealth creation opportunity for various businesses, sectors, households, market participants as well as the new age investors, over the next decade. 

Long term Investors as well as Disciplined Traders are always on the lookout for evaluating opportunities with attractive set ups. As such, market participants spend hours sifting through the plethora of information flow available across social media, internet, news channels, messages & tips from brokers & friends as well as guidance from professional investment advisors.

While the professional lot have their own systems in place to identify opportunities, most retail participants rely on the informal channels for unreliable ideas and trades. Most often, the efficacy of these trades is usually low, and as a result majority of the inexperienced or gullible traders lose both money and hope.  

With the advent of technology and digitization becoming permanent, Alphaniti platform has made Investing easy by providing access to reliable advice for all categories of Investors for both India and US markets.

To encourage more people to invest in the markets without the fear of the unknown, Team Alphaniti has introduced Stockz Genie – India’s first Statistical & Quantitative Data driven stock advisory module! 

Stockz Genie is a first of it’s kind trade recommendation engine, based purely on statistical & quantitative data where +500 stocks across the Indian stock market universe have been extensively back tested on price volume and fundamental data spanning +15 years. This engine is primarily based on Team Alphaniti’s Proprietary Data and Quant based Model around the principle of “Mean Reversion” phenomenon in equity markets.

In times where investors & traders are surrounded by more noise on stock markets and unreliable recommendations – there is really no defined process for them to overcome the difficulty of choosing the ‘time of entry and exit’ and hence we’ve introduced well-defined target and stop-loss system so that the investors not only know when to buy but also when to exit a stock recommendation for creating a winning trade or a promising portfolio.

As is well known, it is extremely difficult to time the market. A prominent feature of our proprietary model eliminates this futile guessing exercise by providing the critical Indicative “Strike Rate” which helps the investors determine the probability of success for a particular trade, i.e., how many times has a similar set up in the same stock worked in the past and thereby aiding in sound decision making.

It is also well understood that before putting you capital at risk in any trading or investment opportunity, the most critical assessment is to understand the risk reward set up, i.e., how much do you stand to lose if the investment goes wrong versus how much do you stand to gain if the opportunity eventually works out. To help solve this, Stockz- Genie has introduced easy to understand Risk-Reward indicators against every trade or investment recommendation which helps to provide clarity on the potential upside as well as downside before executing on the signals.

Further, the stock recommendation engine has been uniquely designed to provide multiple signals   across different market capitalization (Large to Mid to Small Cap) as well as multiple time horizons (from below 2 months and going up to 2 years) – a first of its kind multi-cap & multi-period framework that would allow Investors to access data driven, professional and high quality set up for their trading/investment needs in fully automated and low cost environment.

Once again Welcome to the Alphaniti Digital Investment Platform ( for reliable and unbiased advice.

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