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What does Chandrayaan 3 success mean to markets?

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It is a place where no man or a machine has gone before. India’s Chandrayaan 3 mission completed a landing on the South Pole of the moon. That means a lot to India and the world. There is anticipation about a lot of things. There could be potential ice formation, hydrocarbon gases or helium. It means the world can rely on the moon to provide fuel to guarantee a safe journey back or onward to a new frontier.

The best part of the project launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is that it has collaborated with private and public sector companies to assemble it. There is also collaboration with other space agencies in the world. The global market for space launches is likely to more than double to $20bn by 2030.

The mission’s success opens new doors for businesses riding on space technology. These companies that make everything from engines to spare parts to fuel technologies to artificial intelligence can now look forward to a new frontier to grow their business. Stock markets get a new sector to talk about. A new wave of research is likely to result from this development.

Those managing smart money in the stock market already figured out a way to invest in these companies earlier this year. If you look at the stock market performance of companies like MTAR Technologies, Hindustan Aeronautics, Walchandnagar Industries, and Bharat Heavy Electricals, among others, you will find a stellar performance for 2023. The contribution of these companies opens up opportunities for more such projects by India’s space research programme and overseas.

It is easy to note that the market is relatively nimble and moves quickly to seize opportunities. The rally in these companies demonstrates the forward-thinking attitude of the street.

You need to read up to know the right time to invest. There are quarterly financial results and transcripts of conference calls that most listed companies publish. The company management informs analysts about the past quarter and asks their questions. It may be too overwhelming to read through those transcripts or listen to them. Typically, you need to make a shortlist of businesses you want to track and ensure you can tune into the latest developments.

There is no better way to go about the investment process than knowledge. The more you read and inform yourself, the better you make the right choices. Stock picking is challenging from the point of view of timing the market. You want to be there when prices are relatively low, and there is potential upside. To understand these situations, you must observe stock indices, sectors and individual stock trends. The other option is to use technology to do that for you. Some algorithms can help you shortlist companies and even customise a basket of stocks based on your knowledge and risk appetite.

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